CIUR a.s.

Address of the establishment

Pražská 1012

250 01, Brandýs nad Labem

Bank connection

5020010030/5500, RF Praha


Malé náměstí 142/3

110 00, Praha 1

ID: 40612724

VAT number: CZ40612724

IDS: zprddcv

IČZ: CZS00122

The company is registered in the OR MS in Prague, section B, insert 819

Company management

Top management of CIUR a.s.

Application center

Coordination and implementation of orders in the field of thermal insulation with blown insulation. Realization of custom made insulation. The application center is a specialist in insulation in the subsidy program New Green to Savings.

Customer care center

Employees of our company who are happy to answer all your questions.

Sale of blown insulation

Sales, advice and technical consultation for blown insulation and products made from cellulose fibers. Sales of application machines.

Sale of construction products

Sales, advice and technical consultations on acoustic insulation, wood fiber insulation and airtight systems.

Sale of road additives
Industrial fibers and granules

Sales and technical consultation.

Foreign trade

Foreign trade is generated by 80% of the company’s production. Representation of the company abroad is also done through the CIUR (UK) Ltd. branch.

Sales of products and warehouse

Sales asistants, warehouse and shipping employees.

Purchasing raw materials, ecology and recycling

Management for the purchase of secondary raw materials, ecological processing and recycling. Cooperation with suppliers of secondary raw materials, schools and municipalities.

Production of products

Quality management and factory dispatch.

Sale of TZB goods

Sales and distribution of TZB products to installation partners.

Services of TZB

Repairs, maintenance and optimization of the operation of TZB equipment.

TZB application

Application and installation of TZB products, provision of a custom made order.

A leader in the production of cellulose fibers