Sustainability and circular economy

Nature, technology and responsibility

CIUR and its motto: nature, technology and responsibility indicates everything essential about the company. We use a natural recycled material, which is cellulose fiber. We strive to be ecological and economical in all respects. We mechanically process the secondary raw material and sort it according to our own needs. From this secondary raw material, we have developed technologies according to which we produce more valuable ones and, in most cases, more useful products than they were before recycling.

“We are aware of and are very close to both traditional warranty and human global responsibility. Responsibility for the healing process of our planet Earth without unnecessary waste.” M.Sc. Michal Urbanek, CEO

The basic raw material is paper, which is valuable for us and no longer needed for by others. We also prepare the purchase of plastic packaging for our other products. Not only companies, schools, authorities, but also natural persons can submit material to us.

Recycling, Upcycling, Downcycling

RE cycling
evaluating the material or finding a use for something that has no other use and is viewed as waste

UP cycling
material utilization of waste that can be transformed in cycles into products or material with a similar useful value, it can also be the same product

DOWN cycling
a process where we reduce the volume of waste by reusing it

A leader in the production of cellulose fibers