CIUR Business Compliance

CIUR a.s. company proudly and confidently ranks among modern and successful companies for which the formation of corporate culture and the compliance system are an indispensable part of the long-term concept and strategy. We believe and know that our efforts in this area will effectively reduce illegal or unethical behaviour and further improve the perception of our company internally and externally.

The success of our work depends on the trust of everyone involved: our employees, customers, suppliers, public institutions and society as a whole. We always act professionally and with the highest professional care. When conducting business, we ensure we comply with applicable laws, internal regulations and also the ethical rules of our company. Respecting and complying with the ethical rules of CIUR a.s. are a vital duty of each of our employees.

The best demonstration of our Compliance system that has already been put into practice is the certification of our Integrated Management System, these certificates testify ourprocedures are accurate and correct, Quality Management System (QMS), the Environmental Management System (EMS) and the Management System Health and Safety (OSH). Its purpose is to specify the quality management system of CIUR a.s. This document refers to all rules, guidelines and documented procedures required for the integrated management system and provides an overview of all systems process and explains their interaction. One of the main aims of this system is to prevent unacceptable behaviour that would be in violation of internal rules or legal regulations, and to detect, resolve, and implement conditions to avoid any violations of these standards that will prevent any potential incidents.

One of the important prerequisites of the existing Compliance system is regular employee training.  This ensures that correct judgments are made and the awareness of our people which is key to ensure that company values are noted in everyday practice. It is therefore important that all employees are aware of situations in which they could put themselves and their employer at risk, and that they know how to react responsibly in such a situation.

Ethics system and code of ethics of CIUR a.s.

Our ethical system is a Company process that is constantly evaluated and improved. It is part of the daily process within the company and is based on the basic moral values of our company. This management system is enshrined in the Code of Ethics of CIUR a.s. and sets specific standards and binding rules that cover all of the following areas of our operations:

  • human rights,
  • legal regulations and compliance,
  • labour protection and safety,
  • environmental Protection,
  • employee rights,
  • diversity and inclusion,
  • economic competition,
  • confidentiality,
  • intellectual property,
  • anti-corruption rules and conflict of interest.


We also ensure all our suppliers and subcontractors comply with competition rules and anti-corruption rules set out in our contracts. The summary of principles contains our Code of Ethics for suppliers of CIUR a.s., which is the basis of any contractual agreements with our suppliers.

Security Operation System CIUR a.s. – SOS CIUR a.s.

The company CIUR a.s. fulfils the conditions on the protection of whistle-blowers according to Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on the protection of whistle-blowers and EU Directive No. 2019/1937 of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report violations of Union law. Suspicion of violation of CIUR a.s. Business Compliance principles it is possible to report via an internal closed corporate reporting platform: “Security Operation System CIUR a.s. – SOS CIUR a.s.”. Through this system, employees have the opportunity to communicate with the relevant responsible contact persons (even anonymously). This platform can be used in the event of a suspected violation of the Business Compliance principles of CIUR a.s. also use third parties, e.g., suppliers.

Whistle-blowers’ initiatives can be submitted in the following ways:

  • in paper form with the mandatory marking “Notice – only to the hands of the relevant person”,
  • by email to the address:
  • by phone to the ethical guarantor – compliance officer on the line: +420 326 901 404,
  • by calling the company’s management on the line: +420 326 901 415.

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