Measurement and diagnostics of buildings

For our customers, we carry out diagnostics of building structures and determination of their shortcomings and defects. The measurements themselves are carried out by trained technicians of our company.

Measurement with a thermal camera

A unique way to detect heat leaks is thermal imaging measurement. Our eyes are not adapted to thermal vision. It can only see reptiles. They would be able to detect such places of heat leaks with their keen eyesight. With the help of a thermal camera, our trained technicians can also detect where heat is escaping from the building, and where your money for expensive energy is flying out. They locate thermal bridges at your place or, on the contrary, after insulation with blown insulation, they can convincingly demonstrate the integrity of the insulation and the perfect work of our application companies. Measurement with a thermal camera is suitable for identifying risky places where there is a potential possibility of mold growth or surface condensation. You will not have to detect and insulate such places and you will avoid the development of allergies and respiratory diseases. For measuring with a thermal camera, the most suitable period is when the difference in temperature inside and outside the building structure is at least 10 oC-15 °C, preferably up to 20 oC, i.e. the winter months.


Air sealing is an important part of modern buildings not only because of possible moisture, but also as a result of maximum heat savings. How to detect leaks or possible unwanted cracks? Measurements using the Blower door test method help not only to detect leaks in building structures, but also to significantly save heating energy after insulation. The detection of these shortcomings can bring a significant reduction in the financial costs spent on countermeasures. Measuring the building’s airtightness is also necessary to classify the building into the passive house standard. You can’t do without it in the New Green Savings subsidy program.

The company CIUR a.s. is a member of the Blower Door CZ Association

If you do not detect the shortcomings of the airtight system with the Blower Door Test, the following problems will come to you

  • More heat escapes, you pay more for energy, you have to pay extra for wasted heat
  • Increased heat loss will mean higher heating costs, or in summer you will increase the risk of overheating the interior, thereby reducing the standard of use of the building
  • Condensation of water in such places will lead to the formation of moldy spots and thus to the development of allergies and respiratory problems
  • You will achieve unwanted air flow, a salami loaf will last in the draft, not a person, you are again creating problems with the respiratory system
  • As a result of leaks, contaminants and volatile substances can spread more easily
  • You will improve the transmission of sound from the outside, thereby increasing the noise level inside

The function of the ventilation system will be reduced, as a result of the bad balance of the system, there will be financial losses during the operation of such a weakened ventilation system

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